How Employers Know if Employees are Using Fake Doctors Notes

There are lots of employees using fake doctor’s note for one excuse of the other. If you are an employer it is possible you are not even aware that they are using fake doctor’s notes to stay out of work. If you have been paying for the sick and it just seem that there is rampant cases of doctors notes submission, perhaps it’s time you sit down to checkout if your employees are truly sick.

The use of fake doctors excuse notes is common because there software that can help people create one or more online. These documents look like a real doctor’s note that individuals without experience may not actually know the difference between the real and the fake.

You should be concerned with frequent submissions of doctor’s notes from one or more employees. As it would be difficult to spot fake doctors notes, you may have to apply the tips below to confirm if they are sick or have been using fake doctor’s notes.

  • Submission of doctor’s note means that the user has been sick. Therefore, you should lookout for lingering symptoms of the sickness claimed in the doctor’s note. Once there is no evidence of related symptoms, the note should be suspect.
  • It is expected that a doctor’s note should come with phone numbers. These should be working and verifiable numbers. If the number quoted in the note is not working, there is a chance that the note may not come from doctor all.
  • Some workers are naturally lazy and often use one medical doctors excuse or the other to stay away from work. You should check the work of an employee after receiving a doctor’s note from him. If he is not catching up with his work that is a sign that it is possible the note he has submitted could be faked.

So, with these and other tips, an employer can detect or catch workers who are not sick but are using fake doctors’ notes. You really need to do your homework so you can stop the rampant use of fake doctor’s note in your work place. If you are able to cut down on the figure then you more likely to save the cost of paying for sick leaves.  To learn more check out