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Delivering a Fake Doctor’s Note and Making It Stick: 6 Must-Use Tips

We’ve all been there. The average job does not pay you enough to be there every day, rain and shine, in sickness and in health, but neither is it terribly forgiving when you want to beg off, either! Perhaps you have used all of your sick time, or, if your job is truly terrible, you never had any to begin with. When you need to be absent from work, the only way you are going to move forward without a black mark on your record is to make sure that you’ve got a fake doctor’s note template.

One great template site is  Time and time again its proven itself as a fantastic place to to get notes to excuse yourself from work or school.

However, passing a fake doctor’s note takes a bit of skill, a bit of know-how and a bit of bravery.  People do get caught doing this, and it can cost you your job if you do it wrong. Check out these tips for doing it right.

Turn It In Right Away

When you want to turn in a false doctor’s note, don’t make them come looking for you. Think of how you would act had you actually had been sick, and the note was real.  If the note were real, you would have asked for it from your doctor, and they would have given it to you. This is a lot of prep to simply “forget” it until they ask for it! Take some time to get yourself settled when you get back, but then make sure that you go and turn in your note. If you make them ask for it, they will be looking at it a lot more closely than you want them to. Save yourself some time and some stress by passing the note on right away.

Don’t Be Too Chatty

If you’ve been sick, chances are good that you are not going to be up for long conversations about how sick you were! Some people put a lot of thought and effort into their doctor’s notes. They look up the ailments that they were meant to have had, and then they want everyone to know. There’s this trick that human resources people use where they stay quiet and let you talk as long as you want. They know that guilty people have a really high chance of simply hanging themselves if they are given enough rope. Don’t be the person who blows their own fake note by talking too much. Turn in the note, be polite and move on.

Don’t Ham It Up

Some people see the opportunity to turn in a doctor’s note as a chance to play amateur actor. They sniffle, they make their eyes red, they cough a lot. Here’s the thing about pretending to be sick; it’s harder than you think. If you want to convey that you’ve not been well, just be a little more quiet than usual. If you are a woman, don’t wear makeup for the day. That’s all you need to do. When you are dealing with fake doctor’s notes, less is always more.

Don’t Talk About It

It seems like this should be a no-brainer, but regrettably enough, it’s just not. If you pass off a fake note, never ever talk about it with a co-worker or anyone who could conceivably talk to a co-worker. News travels fast, you never know who is going to be listening. This is the kind of thing that people love to use against other people, so stay smart and stay silent. It really is that easy.

Don’t Use Free Downloads

Between needing good letterhead and faking up the right illnesses, it is a good idea to go to the pros, that is, the people who are great at faking up fake doctor’s notes. However, it is also important for you to understand that none of those pros are giving it away for free! Free downloads are first lower in quality, and second much more apt to be used. If your human resources department has been around for a while, they will have seen a fair chunk of the common downloads out there, and they will bust you very quickly! When you want a great doctor’s note, pay for it.

Look for Great Template

Most doctors, when writing out their notes, do it using a set form they have in their heads. This is why a doctors note template is so important. A good doctors note template tells you exactly what you need to include, how you need to include it, and what you can just leave out. You are not a doctor, and making up something that just sounds right is asking for trouble. Get a template if you want to craft the note specifically for your needs, but then you should remember to take the trouble of following it.

When you need a day off, reduce the risks as much as possible. Follow these tips for making sure that you get the day off without risking getting fired, and just stay calm!



Using a Doctors Note When You Need One

Almost everyone has decided to call off from work or school or something where an excuse is needed at one point in their life, and used the excuse that they had a doctor’s appointment they had to go to, and whoever was in charge said they needed a doctor note from their doctor to prove that’s actually where they went. That’s where you need to get crafty. Some people will try to write one out on their own, and others will scour the web for an official looking template. Templates give the excuses that you decide to use a more official look to them, and are more likely to pass off as the real thing. You can also learn more on doctor’s notes at this site.

Different areas of the world have different looking forms that the doctor will use for the notes, so it’s a good idea to try and find a sample from a friend or family member to use as a basis of what to look for when searching the internet for a form to use. Most sites will offer free forms that you can print off and forge the signature onto, while others may ask for a small fee.  Medical insurance is expensive and costs may vary from state to state.  Paying a small fee for a template note will cost you much less.

Examples of the forms may be viewed on the site so you can try to find the best one that is needed for you, depending on the type of doctor you said you were going to. While most places will just take the note and put it away in a file for safe keeping, some places may pay closer attention to the details of it to see if it is a legitimate Doctors Note or not. So, it is necessary to have accurate and realistic information found in your letter. An excellent sample to this is josh boston’s doctor’s note template that ensures a believable document. Go to IamJoshBoston and create a convincing doctors’ note

Whenever the need arises for a fake excuse to be made, you can easily make one yourself, or rush off to the doctor with a fake ailment yourself to get one, which can then be scanned or copied to your computer and edited to look blank so you’ll always have a template ready to use at any time, which is a favorite of many people to do who are handy with photo editing. Others may just decide to try their best at making their own note and hoping for the best when it comes time to turn it in.

Utilizing Doctors Excuses

Doctor’s notes are typically issued from a licensed medical doctor or medical facility. Notes are issued from the licensed doctor or agency to the patient being treated at their facility. After the notes are issued to the patients, they may be utilized in different ways. The patient may remit the excuse to their school, or employer to validate their excuse from work or school due to being excused for their appointment. To learn more check out

A valid doctor’s note is usually a piece of paper that has the letterhead of the medical facility imprinted at the top. A valid doctors note may have the date and time of the appointment. The excuse will also have the signature of the doctor, or treating physician. If it is recommended that the patient be absent from work due to treatment or illness, the excuse will include the amount of time, or length of days that that it is recommended that the patient be absent from work or school. Dependent upon the type of treatment received,a doctors note may list a return to work/school status as indefinite, or until after a follow up after treatment appointment. Doctor’s notes can also be used for legal or administrative purposes as well. Doctor’s notes can be utilized as a valid excuse to be excused from court, or jury duty. Doctor’s notes and excuses may be used in legal proceedings for claims for personal injury, lawsuit, worker’s compensation, and for Social Security Disability hearings. Another great place for a doctors note is here at

A doctors note may be utilized in other legal proceedings such as child support enforcement hearings if the non-custodial parent is ordered to pay support. A doctor’s note may be presented to the judge for verification if the absent parent is medically unable to work. Doctor’s notes can be verified by contacting the physician or medical facility that administered the doctors excuse or note. Be mindful that doctors notes may not only be issued by the doctor himself. In many medical facilities, the doctor may appoint another treating medical professional to issue the doctors notes. In some facilities, the Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner may issue the excuse. Doctors notes signed by another licensed medical practitioner may also be considered as valid doctor’s notes.

Fake Doctor’s Notes – An Excuse to Miss School or Work

It has now become a common practice by students and employers to use a doctor’s note for work ( a great place for this is to get a day off from work or school. The main reason behind it is the difficulty for people in getting a real one from physician. Many hospitals do not allow people with mild infections like cold and flu to enter their premises. They might be right at their side. They do it for the safety of other patients who are suffering from serious diseases who can catch any infection easily. This can increase their recovery time and prolong their suffering. The doctors in private clinics are never available when you need them. You have to take appointments and you would be lucky if you find one within a week. Give it a thought; will you need that after a week in such a case? It takes less than a minute for a doctor to write a sick note and they charge a good amount for this. Look over here to take a look.

I don’t understand why employers and teachers do not think about these aspects and ask for a  from employees and students.  If you need a day off, you shouldn’t have to go through so much trouble and be forced to seek medical attention for even small issues.  This trouble pushes the students and employers to download a real looking blank doctors excuse to show at school or work place. These printable sick notes are easier to have and charge you nothing.  You deserve a day off if you are not feeling well.  Even Kim Jong-un needed a few days rest!  You can also look at this deeper page here.

How Employers Know if Employees are Using Fake Doctors Notes

There are lots of employees using fake doctor’s note for one excuse of the other. If you are an employer it is possible you are not even aware that they are using fake doctor’s notes to stay out of work. If you have been paying for the sick and it just seem that there is rampant cases of doctors notes submission, perhaps it’s time you sit down to checkout if your employees are truly sick.

The use of fake doctors excuse notes is common because there software that can help people create one or more online. These documents look like a real doctor’s note that individuals without experience may not actually know the difference between the real and the fake.

You should be concerned with frequent submissions of doctor’s notes from one or more employees. As it would be difficult to spot fake doctors notes, you may have to apply the tips below to confirm if they are sick or have been using fake doctor’s notes.

  • Submission of doctor’s note means that the user has been sick. Therefore, you should lookout for lingering symptoms of the sickness claimed in the doctor’s note. Once there is no evidence of related symptoms, the note should be suspect.
  • It is expected that a doctor’s note should come with phone numbers. These should be working and verifiable numbers. If the number quoted in the note is not working, there is a chance that the note may not come from doctor all.
  • Some workers are naturally lazy and often use one medical doctors excuse or the other to stay away from work. You should check the work of an employee after receiving a doctor’s note from him. If he is not catching up with his work that is a sign that it is possible the note he has submitted could be faked.

So, with these and other tips, an employer can detect or catch workers who are not sick but are using fake doctors’ notes. You really need to do your homework so you can stop the rampant use of fake doctor’s note in your work place. If you are able to cut down on the figure then you more likely to save the cost of paying for sick leaves.  To learn more check out

Using an Appointment Reminder Service

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Why The Validity of a Fake Doctor’s Note can be questioned?

If you are interested in using a fake doctor’s note, then you may want to go for the note that is believable. This is important because there are sometimes when the validity of the medical excuse you have submitted is questioned.

A lot of people get caught with the doctor’s note they have submitted because there are lots of giveaways that make this note look faked. If you want to avoid a situation where a doctors excuse is rejected, then you must know what makes up a valid doctor’s note. Below are tips that would help you know why the validity of a fake doctor’s note can be questioned.   If you need a doctor’s excuses, this is also a good site.

  • A valid doctor’s note contains information about the doctor who has signed and issued it. The details of the doctor must be verifiable.  Some fake printable doctors excuse notes sold only come with addresses that can be verified if the employer decides to take that step.
  • A valid doctor’s note must have professional look or touch. It should be in the format that readily tells that a licensed doctor has written or issued. One feature that shows professionalism in the doctor’s note is the use of letterhead. The letterhead should come in good quality prints. The logo and graphics must also follow this pattern.
  • A valid doctor’s note should have a message area explaining what is affecting the individual, and why he should stay away from work.  The explanation should be done in a professional way without grammatical errors.
  • A valid doctor’s note must contain facts and health alibis if necessary. Some employers may require additional documents like proves of medications bought or receipts.  Other alibis may include the residual of the symptoms of the sickness on the body of the employee. Another doctor’s excuse note site that we like is here.

These are basics that validate doctor’s notes. An employer or a teacher to whom any of these notes are submitted would most likely checkout the validity of these notes by checking out these basic details. Therefore, if you are to use any of these notes, it becomes really necessary ensure that these details are in place.

Conclusively, if the above tips are kept in mind, then it would be difficult to question the validity of a fake doctor’s note.  Do your research, know the symptoms of the condition keeping you from work, and present the most authentic looking note you can find.

Uses for a Fake Doctors Note

Taking off of work the day before a holiday is often frowned upon. People can get in a lot of trouble with their employer for taking this time off even if they do have a number of sick or personal days. The only way that most people can get out of work at this time without consequences is if they are legitimately sick and have a doctor’s note. There is a fake doctors note that looks real that can be found on the internet. This excuse note will allow a person to take the time they need without losing their job.
A fake doctor’s  note can be customized with the name of the patient, the date, and the hospital or doctor that they were to have seen this day. These notes contain real information since they were made from actual doctor’s notes. The average person cannot tell them apart from the real thing. These fake excuse notes do cost money but they will work.  However, paying for a note will cost less than visiting a doctor.  There are excuse notes online that do not costs any money. A blank template can be downloaded and a person can fill in their information. These fake notes do not look like real excuse notes from a doctor or a hospital. These notes do not look real or even close to being real. If a person gets caught using a Fake Doctor’s note they can get into a lot of trouble. Not only will a person get into trouble at work they may also get in trouble for forgery and other related charges. You can learn more here:

Click here to get your FAKE Doctors Note Template

Every now and then a person needs to take a day off of work. They may need to relax, take a short vacation, or just have a mental health day. Even if a person does have paid time off of work there are certain days when it is still frowned up taking off. Fake notes can also help a person get out of school for a day and other similar places. A fake note template from a doctor can help a person take the time off that they need without getting in trouble with their employer.